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Aligning Lessons and Assessments with a Curriculum Map    

After you have created a course with a curriculum map, you’ll want to align lessons and assessments to the curriculum map to build your course.  You will also order your lessons and assessments. 

Adding Lessons, Assessments and Placeholders

  1. Once you have created a course with a Curriculum Map (see Creating a Course with a Curriculum Map), you can align lessons to the levels of your Curriculum Map anywhere you see the + ADD card.  Click through the CMAP tree to find these locations.
    Caption: In this course we are going to add lessons and assessments to the section titled World War I
  2. If the section you wish to add to has a > symbol next to it, you will want to click on that symbol and open all the parts of the section you’re aligning to.  These are the individual items available to align lessons and assessments to:
  3. Click +ADD to add a placeholder, a lesson or an assessment to your desired section. A placeholder will create a lesson or assessment template that will appear in your My Stuff.  You can align a placeholder to items in your CMap.  Later you can find the lesson or assessment placeholder in your My Stuff area and build them in the editor.

    Select Add placeholder, choose whether it is a lesson or assessment, fill out tags, choose a color code and click create.  You can find your placeholder in your My Stuff area.

    Add lessons or assessments that you have already created directly from your My Stuff.
  4. Click + ADD and choose lesson or assessment.  Choose the lessons or assessment you wish to add, click next:

    The lessons/ assessments you have chosen will appear in the course builder for the section you are adding to.
  5. You can put your lessons and assessments in order by dragging and dropping them around on the page.
  6. Continue adding lessons, assessments and placeholders until your course is complete.

Part 2: Aligning Lessons in a Course to items in your Curriculum Map

Once you have added lessons and assessments and placeholders to the sections, you are ready to align them with items in the CMap. 
  1. Select the lesson you wish to align by clicking on the checkmark in the middle of the lesson.  The check circle will turn green.
  2. Select the Curriculum Map items you wish to align to the lesson to by clicking the check box next to the item.
  3. Repeat this process for every lesson, assessment and placeholder that has been added to your section.
    • If you need to un-align from an item, simply uncheck the box.
    • To see all of the lessons, assessments and placeholders aligned to a specific item in the Curriculum map, click on the whole description of item.  The lessons that appear to the right are all the lessons aligned to that item.