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Auto-Grade vs. Manually-Graded Items

Manually grading items

When you are reviewing progress, you can adjust any automatically scored items for an assignment. For example, a student could answer a fill-in-the-blank question with a word that was still correct, but not what you expected. You can edit the score and mark it correct.

The Progress feature allows teachers to adjust any scores that were automatically graded. This article explains how to adjust a student’s score for any question item within an assignment. For information on viewing a student’s progress, see “How to track student progress on Assignments and Standards".

How to adjust an automatically graded item

First, you will need to have already assigned a lesson to a class with registered students.

If you have not created a lesson or assessment, please visit “Lesson Editor Overview” to get started on creating your first lesson.

To create a class, please visit "Basic Class Creation” to get started.

To add students to your class, please visit “Student information” to get started.

To assign your first lesson, please visit “Presenting/Assigning Your Lesson from within the Editor” so that you can successfully follow these instructions.

  1. On any main page in Ogment, click Class Progress using the left navigation bar to go to Progress.
  2. Click on the Arrow to the left of your selected class to display all lessons and assessment assignments.
  3. If you would like to only see one day at a time click the drop down box to the right of “Showing” and select Day.
  4. Use the arrows next to “Today” and navigate to the date of the assignment.
  5. Locate the desired assignment.
  6. Click on the selected assignment. This loads the Progress page. Each row in the grid shows a user. Teachers are listed first, then co-teachers and students. Each column indicates the question or content item in the lesson or assessment, in order from left to right.
  7. Locate the student’s name and view the row as you would a gradebook. A pencil icon will display in: (a) cells containing responses to questions that do not have auto-gradable answers, (b) responses that have not been submitted and (c) responses to graphic organizers.
  8. Locate the question number and click the student’s score by clicking the cell.
    In the above example picture, you will see the student’s incorrect answer with a score of 0 out of 1 correct answer. For this example, the student had only 1 possible correct answer and misspelled it.
  9. Click Show Correct Answer to see the appropriate answer.  You can click Show Student Answer to return to the student’s response for this question.
  10. Click the Select Score drop down and change the score.
  11. In the above example picture, you have decided to award Raniro a correct score since the misspelling of Italy was a simple mistake. Click Save to save the adjusted score. You have adjusted the score for Question 9 from 0 to 1.
  12. There you have it! You know how to adjust a student’s score for a submitted response in an assignment.