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Embedding a Bookmarked Site

As shown in the “How to create a bookmark” article, Ogment allows you to clip bookmarks to save a webpage as a bookmark and then bring that bookmark into a lesson. That bookmarked website will then appear within the lesson when you present or assign it, eliminating the need to navigate outside of Ogment to show that webpage. This feature is especially helpful when you have interactive games or other webpages that were built using Adobe Flash.

It’s important to remember that when you bookmark a webpage to use in Ogment ­ you will get the entire webpage including banners or advertisements on that page.

From the lesson editor:

  1. Click on the “Resources” tab on the upper left side of the screen.

  2. Drag and drop a bookmark resource into your lesson.

    If you haven’t added any bookmark resources to your lesson yet, first click the blue “+add resources” button to find bookmark resources to embed. For more information on searching for resources and bringing them into a lesson, see the following articles:
    - “Lesson Editor Overview” <link to Lesson-Overview> article
    - “Searching for your Resources by attribute/tag” <link to Resources-Search>
    - “How to Multi-select Resources and bring them into a Lesson <link to Resources-Multiselect>
  3. Click the “pencil” icon on the top right of the card.

    In editing mode, you can add directions if you’d like.
    Click within the white field underneath the word “Directions”.

Display options

You have three choices for displaying an embedded web page when you present a lesson or assign it.

By choosing this option, you’ll see a small image of the actual web page when you present or assign a lesson.
  1. To bring up the web page at full size, click on the thumbnail image.

  2. You can also change the thumbnail image by clicking on the “generate new thumbnail” button.

Link to page
If you chose this display option, you will only see the link to the embedded web page when you present or assign the lesson.
  1. To bring up the web page at full size, click on the link.

Show page inline
Choose this option if you’d like the embedded web page to display at full size within the lesson when you present or assign it. With this option you won’t need to click on anything to get to the full size web page—it’s already there.
NOTE: For security reasons, only web pages that are secure are allowed to be displayed inline within a lesson. A website is secure if it starts with https:// instead of simply http://. If you try to display a non-secure web page inline, you will get the following error message: Your URL must begin with https to be shown within the page.

For more information on using resources in your lesson, check out the “Lesson Editor Overview” article.