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Google Classroom Workflow in Ogment

  1. As a teacher log into Google
  2. Next, log into your Ogment account
  3. Create an Ogment Assignment:

    OR Locate an existing assignment
  4. Open the assignment dropdown menu and choose "Share Lesson"
  5. Click on Google Classroom from the Share Options pop-up
  6. Select the google class you are sharing to:
  7. Select “Create Assignment” from the drop down
  8. Fill out the assignment details in Google Classroom.  NOTE: at this time none of this information comes back to Ogment.
  9. Assignment complete:


  1. Log in to Google as a student
  2. Select the class the assignment is in:
  3. Click the URL for the Assignment
  4. Student is redirected to the Ogment log in page:
  5. Student is redirected to the assignment after logging in and can complete assignment in Ogment.
  6. Once the assignment is complete, student goes back to Google Classroom and marks the assignment as complete by selecting “Mark as Done”