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How do I differentiate instruction?

Using Ogment’s differentiation feature, teachers and curriculum developers simply click on “Differentiate” within the lesson editor to copy the lesson and edit resources and activities for different levels and learning styles.

  1. Differentiation takes place within the Lesson Editor. In this picture, currently showing “My Lessons,” click on the top, middle card entitled: End of the War and the Paris Peace Conferences. Click the card to open that lesson.

  2. Click the top link, “Edit,” on the right side column.

  3. Right now, there is no differentiated material. To create differentiated instruction, click on “Differentiate,” found to the far right of the gray banner just underneath the lesson title.

  4. Choose a purpose for the differentiated version or add your own.

    Ogment makes a copy of the original lesson, and the copy appears right next to the original.

    The differentiated lesson versions are side by side so teachers and curriculum developers can ensure seamless instruction and personalized learning for various abilities.

  5. The “Summary” card, which appears as the first card above the lesson info card, can be can be edited to include more specific information about the differentiation or any other notes you’d like to add.
  6. To switch out content, questions, graphic organizers, etc. for the differentiated lesson, simply drag and drop as you normally would.

    Once the content has been dropped into the differentiation, the card will be labeled “Differentiated for <reason>” in a black bar at the bottom of the card. In this case, we are using this video to differentiate instruction for advanced students, so the label reads “Differentiated for <Advanced>”.

  7. Once you’re finished differentiating a lesson, make sure to save your work by clicking the “Save” button in the upper, right-hand black banner section of Ogment.