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How to add a Curriculum Map to your Course

If you have access to a Curriculum Map in Ogment, you can add it (or even multiple Curriculum Maps) to your course at any time. You must have a Curriculum Map attached to your Course in order to align your lessons and assessments.

  1. Open the Course you would like to work on from My Stuff.

  1. Click on Edit.

  1. On the left hand side of your Course you will see a button that says Available Curriculum Maps.  Click on that button and it will ask you to Add Curriculum Maps.  Click +Add Curriculum Map and it will bring you to a page that contains the available Curriculum Maps that your curriculum coordinator, lead teacher or other curriculum colleague has made available to you to use. If you do not see the Curriculum Map you are looking for, please contact a member of your curriculum team.


  1. Click on the check mark of the Curriculum Map(s) you would like to use and press Add.

  1. Your Curriculum Map(s) are now attached to the Course.

  1. Click on View to open the Curriculum Map.