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How to add Standards to Curriculum Maps

Do you have specific standards that you want attach to your Units? You can add them to your Curriculum Map and teachers are able to access and align them to lessons when they are building a course.

  1. In your Curriculum Map, in the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen there is an Element titled Standards. Click on the Standards pill and it will open the Standards sidebar.

  2. From here you will choose the state, document, subject area, and grade range. When finished the standards documents will appear under the standards documents section of the sidebar.

  1. You can bookmark your standards for easy access later on.

  2. Open the portion of the Curriculum Map document that you would like to add the standard to. Drag the standard you want over into the Unit/Section/Element that you want it to live in.  If you choose one of the standards that has standards underneath it it will ask you to select the standards you want to import.

  1. To see the standard in context to the standards framework, to add/edit a note, or to delete, click on the edit.png icon to the right of the standard.  This “in context” feature follows into both the Course Builder and the teacher lessons, so that teachers are able to reference the full standards document and where the standard falls within it.