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How to Add Standards to Resources

You can add standards to resources to keep track of which images, articles, and other media fulfill your academic requirements. Choose any resource—Image, Article, Audio, Video, or bookmark—and open the item. In this example, we’re choosing an article.

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Scroll the left pane to the bottom to find the Add Standards link.

Click the "+ Add Standards" link. A new standards selection screen will appear.

Click on the dropdowns to filter down to the types of standards you are looking for. If you have previous found and bookmarked standards, you can add them from the right side.

Once you have selected information in each of the dropdowns, a list of standards documents appear. Click "view standards" to see them standards these larger documents contain, or click "add bookmark" to add them to the list on the right side for future reference.

The individual standards in the document can be selected to align them to the resource. Click on a relevant standard.

The center area highlights your selected standard. You select multiple at a time. The right side panel lists all of your selected standards. Select all of the standards that you want, then click "Done" in the top right of the screen.

The standard selector closes and you are taken back to your original article. The standard you have added is now visible on the lower left side. Congratulations! You now know how to add standards to any type of resource in Ogment.