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How to build a Curriculum Map (Creating the tree, Units and sections)

The Curriculum Map Builder is a comprehensive tool to create digital curriculum maps. It’s the heart of Ogment—where everything else flows from. Because you’re building your Curriculum Maps digitally in Ogment, they are “living” documents that can be edited at any time. Every Curriculum Element you put into a Curriculum Map can be aligned to course, lesson and even down to every single assessment item or resource your teachers include in their lessons. This creates complete transparency—letting you see how teachers are covering the Elements in the Curriculum Maps and how students are making progress on those Curriculum Map Elements. Tracking your curriculum all the way through the education process has never been easier. In addition, building your Curriculum Maps digitally allows you to make updates to them based on what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Below you will find eight easy steps to build your Curriculum Map!

  1. On the “My Stuff” page click on the +Add box and choose “Curriculum Map.”

  2. Ogment will ask you to fill out information about your Curriculum Map including title, grades that the map is for, Subjects, how you would like it organized (i.e. Units*, Weeks, Months, or Quarters), and the quantity of these you would like (i.e.7 Units, 10 Months, 39 weeks, etc.), and tags. Only the fields with an asterisk (title, grade, subject) next to them must be filled out to move forward. Click on “Add” when you are finished, and it will bring you to the CMap builder. All of these fields can be edited within the Curriculum Map while you are in the builder.
  3. Once you launch the Curriculum Map Builder, the title and the amount of Units/Weeks/Months will be prefilled.

  4. Next to your Curriculum Map title, there is are three dots. You will notice these throughout the Curriculum Map and other parts of Ogment. Anytime you see the three dots, click on them to see a menu of actions you can perform. For example, when you click on the three dots on the title of the Curriculum Map, it will allow you to edit the title or description and add a note.
  5. The items on the left menu and in the Curriculum Map are called pills.     
  6. When there are dots on the left-hand side of the pill, you can drag and drop those elements into the Curriculum Map or drag and drop to reorder the item.  If there are no dots, then first you need to click on the item.    
  7. To name and add a description to your Units, click on the three dots beside each Unit pill and choose Edit. For more information about Units, check out the “Working with Units” article on this help site.  
  8. To add a card picture, or edit/add a grade level, subject, tag, change organization (i.e. Units, Months, Weeks), and description to the Curriculum Map, click on the “Settings” button at the top of the screen, and fill out or edit the information in the sidebar on the left.  To change the picture, click on the gray box in the bottom left hand corner and it will bring up your images from “My Stuff” , or you can upload an image from your computer.  Don’t forget to click the “Save” button in the top right-hand corner of the sidebar when you are finished with your changes.