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How to Clip Articles

Make sure you have the Ogment Web Clipper! Find directions to download the clipper here and add it to Google Chrome (recommended) and Mozilla Firefox.

1. Locate an article on the web you would like to clip.
2. Click the “O” button (Ogment Clipper) that you installed to your browser.
3. Choose “Clip Article”

4. An editor loads with the text of your article. Make any edits you see fit then click "Next".

5. The window changes to show metadata such as the title, description, author, and tags. You can also publish the article to your colleagues in the Stream. Enter this information and click "save". 

c6. The window confirms that your article is saved. Click "Close" and continue browsing for more great information.

You have clipped an article! Learn about clipping other resources in these help pages: