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How to Clip Images

Clipping one or more images is similar to clipping an article or video . First, make sure you have the Ogment Web Clipper! If you don’t, here are directions on how to get it for Google Chrome (recommended) and Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Find an image on the web you would like to clip.
  2. Click the “O” button (Ogment Clipper) that you installed on your browser .
  3. Choose “Clip Images”.
  4. If there’s more than one image on the webpage, the Clipper allows you to select multiple images to bring into Ogment. Just click on the images you want and then hit “Next”.
  5. Just like articles and videos , you can edit the name of the image(s) and choose a tag or color. Then hit “Save”.
  6. Done! This is the same process no matter what you clip. See how to clip an article or video or how to save a bookmark .