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How to Collaborate on a Course

You can easily collaborate with other teachers to create courses together. Collaborators can add, delete, and edit course contents, re-arrange the course, and change course settings. They can also add and remove any other collaborators on the course. Collaborators cannot remove the owner of the course.

Adding Collaborators
To add collaborators to a course:

  1. Click the Settings button on the top right to bring up the setting panel on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click the blue Add Collaborators button.You’ll be brought to a screen where you can choose one or several people to collaborate with.
  3. Click the +add button underneath a person’s name. The button will change from +add to collaborator. Once you’ve chosen all your collaborators, click the Add button on the top right of your screen.You’ll then be brought back to your course. In the settings panel, you will see the collaborators on this particular course.

NOTE: People who you’ve selected to collaborate on a course will receive a notification in their Ogment inbox and also receive the course in their My Stuff. They can access the course from the link in their in inbox or via My Stuff.

Editing a Course Concurrently with Other Collaborators

If you go to edit a course that another person is also editing, you will see a course: “lock” symbol.


If you click on the edit button, you will receive a message telling you who is in the course, and you will have  the option to unlock the 

Unlocking the course will send a notification to the current user’s Ogment inbox notifying them that you have taken over editing. They will not be able to continue to edit the course.

Users will also get a message in the course when they try to continuing to take actions in the course.

Removing Collaborators

  1. To remove a collaborator, in the settings panel, click the trash can next to a collaborator’s name. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the collaborator.
  2. Click the Yes button, and the collaborator will be removed.