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How to Collaborate with Colleagues

The collaboration feature enables you to work with other teachers, editing lessons, discussing changes, and making sure you always have the latest version. You can collaborate on any lesson or assessment.

1. To start, pick the lesson or assessment you wish to collaborate on in the My Stuff area.

2. Click the kebab on the card and select "Collaborate". This opens the Collaboration Shopping Cart.

3. Search and filter for the teachers using the onscreen commands. Select the ones that you wish to collaborate with.

4. Once you have selected everyone, click the "Done" key in the top right. You will be returned to My Stuff. The lesson gains an icon to show that there are collaborators working on it.

5. Clicking on the kebab menu shows a counter next to "Collaboration". This indicates how many people are collaborating on it.

6. There is a further indicator inside the Lesson Editor. Open it to see the "Collaboration" banner at the top.

Now that everything is setup, you and your colleagues can edit the lesson and comment on each piece of content. Edit the lesson like normal. Any changes you make will automatically update for all of your collaborators. To comment on items follow the steps below.

1. Once inside the lesson editor, click an item. The item editor loads. Click the "Comments" icon in the top right of the item.

2. Enter your comment to add it to the item.

3. The comments are visible form the main editor as well.

4. Click on the comment to see the text.

5. Once a comment has been addressed, you can mark it as resolved.

6. As you and your collaborators work, Ogment protects the content that  you are actively editing by locking it. Other collaborators will see a lock indicator.

Changing Collaborators

1. You can change collaborators at any time. Use the kebab menu on the card to get to the shopping cart.

2. Remove all teachers to end the collaboration. The left sidebar shows everyone you have selected. Click on them to remove them quickly.

3. And there you are! That is your introduction to Collaboration in  Ogment.