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How to create a class (class set up, access codes)

Creating a class in Ogment is easy! Follow these five simple steps and you will be on your way.

  1. On the left hand side of your main screen in the navigation bar you will see the icon of an outline of two people. Click on that icon and it will bring you to your “Classes” page.
  2. Click the +Create box and you will be give two choices, “Create a class” and “Join a Classroom.” Click on “Create a class”.

  3. The “Create a class” box will come up. Here you will enter the name of your class, the start date for your class and the end date. When filled in click the blue “create class” button.

  4. Next you will see your Class page. On the right hand side, class specific Student Access Codes will be generated for you. Give this to your students.

  5. Your students can then join your Class from their Ogment accounts using this code. Your class roster will be populated as your students join your class. Happy teaching!