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How to Create a Course

How to Create a Course

You can create a Course without a Curriculum Map in Ogment. You can still add lessons, assessments and placeholders into groups and put them in the order in which you will teach them. You can also add a Curriculum Map(s) to your Courses at any time.  For more information on adding a Curriculum Map to a course, go to the Help article called “How to add a Curriculum Map to your Course”.

  1. From your My Stuff page, click +CREATE and select Create a Course.

  2. A pop-up will appear. Name your course, add the grade and subject, and organize your course by units, weeks, months, or quarters. You also have the option to select how many units, weeks, months you want (you can add more or delete from within the Course Builder, too) and the duration of the course. Then click the Create button.

  3. Your Course will be now be automatically set up the way you organized it. If you click on the icon, you can edit the the title and description of the element it is attached to.

  4. You might want to add sections within each Units/Weeks/Months/Quarters in order to further organize your course. To add a section, click on the to open the element.  This will allow you to drag and drop your Sections into the element.  You can have unlimited sections in each level as well as any Section you add.

    Below, you can see where the section was added under Quarter 1. You can title the section as well by clicking in the field that says “Add title here”.

  5. You can add a lesson or assessment to your Units/Weeks/Months/Quarters or your Sections. Click on  to open up the place where you want the lessons to live, and then click on (+) add existing lesson/assessment under the (drop here) box.  This will open another screen where you will see all of your lessons and assessments. Click the check mark on the lesson(s) or assessment(s) you want to add.  It will turn green when it is chosen. Then press Next, and it will add the lesson(s) to your Course.

  6. If you’d like to save a space for a lesson that you have not yet created, you can add a “placeholder”. To create a new lesson/assessment placeholder in your Course, click on (+) create a new lesson/assessment under the (drop here) box.  This will prompt you to fill out information about your new lesson or assessment.


  7. Don’t forget to change the number of days you think your lesson will take in the box next to your lessons.  This will change the Accounted for Days at the top of your Course.

  8. Continue adding lessons, assessments and placeholders to sections until your course is complete.