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How to create and work with groups

Ogment allows you to create groups within your classes. With this feature, you can assign differentiated lessons to each student group so that the information and assessments they receive are tailored to their specific needs.

  1. Choose a class from your Classes dashboard.
  2. Click on “Show Groups” from the bar on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. In your “Groups” page you will see your class list. If you click on a student name the notes and designations you have chosen for them will be available for you to use when creating your groups.
  4. To make groups, click the blue “create a group” button on the top right hand side of your screen above your class list.
  5. You will be shown a box that you can fill in. Here you can choose a group name and identify the dynamics of the group. When finished click on the “create group” button. You can make as many groups as you need.

  6. Click next to the student’s name under the group you would like to add them to and a check will appear.

  7. If you need to change your groups, you can click on the pencil icon next to the group name. You can also change the student in the groups by unchecking them under their current group and rechecking under their new group.