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How to Organize a Course

Once you’ve created a course (How to Create a Course), you can edit or change the way you organize it. For example, you may have originally chosen to set up your course by quarters, but you may decide to ultimately set it up by units. Ogment lets you change these kinds of things easily!


  1. In the top right, click on the Settings button. The settings panel will open on the left side of your screen.

  2. Click on the dropdown menu under “Organized By” in the settings panel. If you’d like to change it from “Quarters” to “Units” for example, choose “Units”.
  3. Hit the Save button at the top of the settings panel.

The “Quarters” will automatically change to “Units” on the right side of your screen. Other things you can edit in the settings panel include

  • Name of course
  • Description
  • Grade Level

  • Subject

  • Tags

  • Label color

  • Image you’d like displayed on Course card

Re-arranging elements in your Course

Everything within a course can be moved around—just drag and drop. For example, if you’d like to move everything in Quarter 2 before Quarter 1, grab Quarter 2 and drag it above Quarter 1. You can do this with any part of the course—including sections, lessons, assessments, or other curriculum elements from a Curriculum Map.

Here’s an example of re-arranging lessons within a section of a course:


Accounting for the Amount of Days in a Course

When you set up your course, you have the option to choose the duration. For example, a typical course in a K-12 school would equal 180 days. When you add lessons to your course, you can choose the approximate number of days a lesson will take.

To the right of each lesson or assessment you’ve added to a course, there is a blank field.

  1. Click on the blank field and fill in the number of days you think a lesson or assessment will take.

    The number of days will be tallied and shown on the top of the screen.