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How to set up roles and create a Curriculum Map

The Curriculum Map building feature in Ogment is a comprehensive tool for Curriculum Coordinators to utilize when creating curriculum maps for their teachers.  Below you will find the seven easy steps to build your CMap!

  1. On the main page click on the +Create box and choose “Create a Curriculum Map.”
  2. Ogment will ask you for a to create a Curriculum Map title.  This is the name of your course.  You must add a title or you cannot move forward.  Click on “create” when you are finished, and it will bring you to the CMap builder.
  3. When in the CMap Builder your CMap name will be prefilled with your CMap title or “Tree Name.”  In this screen you can add a description of the course or any introductory information about the CMap.  
  4. Next to your Tree Name/CMap Title there is a small plus sign in a circle.  When you click on this it adds your CMap Units, which is the next branch down on the tree.
  5. You can change the Unit Names and add Unit descriptions by clicking on each of the “Unit” sections of the tree.  Don’t forget to press “Update” after each change or it will not save!
  6. To add “Sections” within each Unit, click on the small plus sign to the right of the Unit.  Each time you click it will add a section.  Section names can be edited and descriptions added in the same was as the Unit.  Again, don’t forget to click “Update” after each change.
  7. To add a CMap picture, choose a grade level, subject, tag, and description to the course, click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the screen.  Fill in the information for the CMap here.  To change the picture, click on the gray box in the bottom right hand corner and it will bring up your clipped images, or you can upload one from your computer.  Don’t forget to click the “Save” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen when you are finished with your changes.  This information will populate the main CMap information page.
 For help with choosing and completing the elements under the “Sections” branch, please visit (Link to Sections article)