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How to set up your stream

The stream is your place to look for new lessons and clips and share ones of your own. By setting up your stream, you have the ability to connect with colleagues, see what resources they’re adding, and find content from others within the district.

1. From the ”My Stuff” dashboard, click on the Stream icon on the left.

2. Your Stream main page contains two cards to start with. The first is your Profile which shows all the content you have published to the Stream. The second card is The Stream which shows all content that all of your colleagues have published.

3. Click "My Profile" to see the content you have already published. Publish more content by going to your My Stuff area and selecting the "Publish to Stream" option on each card.

4. Click "The Stream" to view the content your colleagues have published. The Stream includes a search feature to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

5. To continue learning about the Stream and Stream search, visit our next article: How to use your stream (searching, clipping).