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How to share resources, lessons and assignments

Sharing is a feature that lets you draw a particular person’s attention to a single piece of content. It works well for showing other teachers a particular piece of content you found in the stream, or as a means to transfer content you have in your own account directly to a specific person.
No matter where you find the content—in the Stream, in My Stuff, or because some other person shared it with you, Sharing all happens through the content card.

  1. Go to “My Stuff” and click on the kebab of a card.

2. For our example, we’ve clicked on the kebab of “Life in the Trenches”. On the right side of the card, you’ll see a variety of options. These are the same functions covered in the “Using Stream” article. Our focus is “Share This” option in the kebab.

3. Click “Share This”.

4. A new screen appears. Here you are able to see the people you can share content with.

On the right side, you can add filters to search for specific people. Enter the name of your desired recipient on the top right.

As you type their name, Ogment will limit the displayed people so they match your search.
5. Click one of the cards to select a person. You can continue to search and find new people if you wish. You can share with multiple people at a time. For large groups, consider publishing your work to the stream (How to use your Stream) or using the collaboration feature (How to Collaborate with Colleagues).

Now that you have the right people selected, go ahead and click “Done” in the top right.

6. Now let's switch to the recipient's account. In their notification area they will receive a message with three options. Info, Share, and Clip This. Clicking "Info" provides more data about the resource.

7. Going back to the notification area, you can click "Share This" to share the resource to other people, or you can click "Clip This" to add a copy of the resource to my stuff.

8. Clicking "Clip this" loads a window to name your copy. 

9. Name the resource, add grades, subjects, or add tags. When ready, clip "Copy".

10. The new resource will appear in your account. And there you go! Now you can send content to other people and make use of what other people send to you. Checkout our other help articles to learn more about the product.