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How to track your own presentation to the Class

You may find it useful to know what you have covered in your presentations. For example, you may need to continue your lesson another day or help a substitute or co-teacher pick up where you left off. The Progress feature tracks where you stopped in your lesson, as well as other grading features. This article explains how to track the progress of your presentation. For information on the grading features, see: “How to track student progress on Assignments and Standards” and “Auto-Grade vs. Manually-Graded Items".

How to use Progress

First, you will need to have already assigned a lesson to a class in order to present and view the progress of your lesson presentation. If you have not created a lesson or assessment, please visit “Lesson Editor Overview” to get started on creating your first lesson.

If you have not created a class, please visit "Basic Class Creation” to get started.

If you have not assigned your first lesson, please visit “Presenting/Assigning Your Lesson from within the Editor” so that you can successfully follow these instructions.

  1. On any main page in Ogment, click Class Progress using the left navigation bar to go to Progress. 
  2. Click on the Arrow to the left of your selected class to display all lessons and assessments.

    If you would like to only see one day at a time click the drop down box to the right of “Showing” and select Day.
  3. Use the arrows next to “Today” and navigate to the date of the lesson presentation.
  4. Locate the desired presentation.
  5. Click on the selected presentation. This loads the Progress page. Each row in the grid shows a user. Teachers are listed first, then co-teachers and then students. Each column indicates the question or content item in the lesson which represents the slides of your presentation shown in order from left to right.
  6. To find where you left off, you’ll want to look for the right-most column with a “V” symbol, meaning “viewed”.  When you are ready to resume your presentation, use the “Go To” navigator in the presentation to skip ahead to that slide. If you need a reminder of what each piece of content was while you are in the Progress area, you can launch a preview of the content by clicking a cell in that column.
  7. There you have it! You have successfully identified where to begin the next time you present this lesson.