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How to Use Assignment Options

In Ogment, you can control not only who receives an assignment, but when they can access it and if students can check the correct answer. There is also a new review mode, explained later on.

When you assign something you have the options to:

  1. Make the assignment available immediately

  2. Keep the lesson locked until the day you assign it

  3. Choose whether or not students can see the correct answer


When you assign a lesson, “Show Correct Answers”  is on by default—students can submit their answer, then click a button to see the correct one. When you assign an assessment, this is off by default. That way, students who take the test in one period cannot share the correct answers with other classes.

If an assignment is locked, it appears with a lock icon in the assignment calendar for both teachers and students.


Placing your mouse pointer on the “i” icon in the top right of the card provides a bit more information:


If students click on a locked assignment, they will receive a pop up message that reminds them that the lesson is locked.


On the date an assignment was set to unlock, the lock disappears and students can enter the assignment as normal.

Extra Controls in Progress

The “Available”, “Lock”, and ‘Show Correct Answers” toggles appear on the Progress page for every assignment. If you ever need to suspend access to a lesson, perhaps while you make a last-minute adjustment, just head over to the Progress area and you’ll have the option right at your fingertips.


The third option you see is “Review”. When a lesson is in Review mode, everyone can access it, but they cannot submit new answers. Once you have graded an assignment, you can turn on review mode and let students see your feedback, knowing they will not be able to change their answers.

Students will see a Review icon on the lesson when they visit their calendar. A similar icon will appear inside the lesson.