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How to use Audio with Question Tool

Just like the Video with Questions Tool and the Passage with Questions Tool, you can take any audio clip that you’ve brought into Ogment, drag it into a lesson, and then add questions at any point in the audio. The audio clip will play until it gets to a question. Then it will pause and the question will slide in. Once the question has been answered, the audio clip will continue until it gets to the next question, and so on.

  1. Click on the “Tools” tab on the left side of the lesson editor.

  2. Drag and drop Audio with Questions into the lesson.
  3. Click the “pencil” icon.

    The Audio with Questions editor will open.
  4. Add directions if you’d like.

  5. Drag and drop an audio file from your resources into the blue box.
  6. Drag the orange circle on the bar below the audio to choose the point in the audio where you’d like a question to pop up. For example, if you’d like the first question to appear at 1:10, move the orange circle to 1:10.

  7. Now switch back to the “Tools” tab and choose a question type to add to the audio.
  8. Drag the question type and drop it on top of the audio.
  9. Author the question as you would normally do. For more information on how to author questions and the different question types that are available, see “How to work with Question Types”.

  10. To preview the question, hit the “preview” button within the question type.
  11. To preview all of the questions as they appear within the audio clip, preview the lesson.

If you haven’t already tried the Video with Questions or Passage with Question tools, check out “How to use Video with Questions” and “How to use Passage with Questions”.