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How to use your stream (searching, clipping)

The Ogment Stream is a continuous flow of resources, lessons and assessments that you can pick from to use in your own classroom. It allows you to follow colleagues in your school or district (they can follow you, too). Once setup, you can browse for any relevant content.

To set up your Stream, make sure to read in the help section, “How to set up your stream.”

You get to the Stream by clicking the Stream icon on the navigation panel on the left. You can then either click on the card labeled The Stream. 

Clicking into the Stream shows you all of the latest content published by your network alongside search and filtering tools.

You can use the search tools to help you find the content you are looking for. They work just like the search in other areas of Ogment. Enter text into the search box to search for content with that matching word or phrase. The match could be in the title or somewhere in its contents.

Limit your search to only show work from certain schools, certain teachers, or certain content types. You can also limit results to the content that an administrator in your district has approved.

Once you find a resource within the Stream that you wish to incorporate into your own curriculum click on the kebab in the lower right corner of the card:



Clip This

By clicking the Clip This button, you create a copy of the resource and places it into your stuff.

Share This

The Share This button is a simple way to share a resource with another colleague. This gives the entire district the opportunity to ensure great content can become a part of each classroom. Clicking the “Share This” link opens a popup where you can choose who to send the item to. 

Like This

Clicking Like This button is a simple way to let people know you enjoy their content/resource. In terms of your Stream account, think of Like as mainly a bookmark- a way of being able to save a resource for later use.


Once you click the “share” button at the bottom, your recipient will get a message in their Notifications area, with a link to this item in the stream. For a full explanation, check out the “Sharing” Article.

District Stream

The District Stream will showcase the resources of everyone within your specific district. In an effort to make resources available for all, District Stream allows you to find lessons, assessments, articles, videos, images, and more.


Used in the same manner of Facebook, a Like not only offers some positive feedback to the content creator, but acts as a bookmark for you to refer to, and a specialized way to search for content that has met with your approval.

My Contributions

This area will showcase each and every bit of content you have personally approved to be placed into the Stream from your collection of resources. It is important to note that you have the ability at any time to pull content from being seen within the Stream.