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How to work with Curriculum Elements

Working with Curriculum Elements is easy and very similar to working with Units and Sections. The Curriculum Map Builder allows you to add any Element to Units, Sections, and other Elements, and at multiple levels within the Units.

  1. Curriculum Elements are located in the sidebar on the left side of your screen. The elements have stars next to them. You are able to “favorite” the Elements you will be working with by clicking on the star next to each element, and they will move to the top of the column. You can then hide the elements you do not want to work with to keep your workspace less cluttered. To unfavorite an element you just need to click the star again, it will then go back to the general elements list. 
  2. To work with an Element, first click on the Element and it will open up in the sidebar. From here, you can now drag the Element into the Curriculum Map on the right side, or you can create a sub-category that is attached to the specific Element. For example, for Vocabulary, you may want sub-categories called Poetry Vocabulary and Content-Area Vocabulary.  You can create subcategories with these titles and bring them into your Curriculum Map, but they are still housed under the Vocabulary Element.  
  3. To Edit the title or description, Add/Edit a Note, or to Delete an Element, click on the three dots (to the right of the Curriculum Element) and choose from the pop up.  
  4. To add an Element to a Unit/Section/Element, click on the small blue arrow to the left of the Unit pill.  This will open the Unit and allow you to drag items underneath the Unit level to the box that says “(Drop here).” When the box turns blue, you can release the mouse, and the item will appear underneath the chosen item.  
  5. Once the Element is in the Curriculum Map, you can move it around within the Unit if you need to.