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Lesson info from Curriculum Map if applicable

Once you have aligned a lesson to a Curriculum Map where does all of that information go? The Alignments tab! When you align curriculum elements to a lesson the Alignments tab in the editor's side bar is automatically filled in with the aligned information from the Curriculum Map.

To view the new alignments in the Lesson Editor:

1. Open the lesson that has just been aligned. This will take you to the lesson editor.

2. Click the "Alignments" tab in the top of the left sidebar.

3. Aligned content should be connected to a course. Click the "Add to Existing Course" button to open the course shopping cart and select a course.

4. Click the "Done" button in the top right to add it to your lesson.

5. Next, navigate to the course to connect specific curriculum elements to the lesson. For more information see the help article How to Align Lessons and Assessments in a Course to a Curriculum Map.