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How to Multi-select Resources and bring them into a Lesson

You can easily pull tons of resources into a lesson at a time by using the multi-select feature.

From the lesson editor:

  1. Click on the “Resources” tab on the upper left side of the screen.
  2. Click the blue “+ add resources” button.

    You will see all of the resources you have put into Ogment.
  3. Click the big checkmarks in the middle of each card (resource) you’d like to add.

    In the top left of your screen, you will see the number of resources you have selected. You can continue adding resources by browsing through the pages by using the navigation at the bottom left of the screen. The bottom right of the screen tells you how many total resources you have and which ones you are viewing, (i.e., 1-12 out of 351 items).

    To filter your resources or search for resources, use the “Search Panel” on the right. For more in-depth information on how to search or filter resources, see “Searching for your Resources by attribute/tag” <link to Resources-Search>.
  4. When you’ve finished selecting, hit the “add to lesson resources” button on the top left of the screen in the gray bar.

    The resources are now added to your lesson!

    If you were to add more resources to your lesson, when your resources appear after clicking the “+add resources” button, resources that have already been added to a lesson appear with an orange bar on the bottom of the resource card that says “Used in lesson”.

For more information on using resources in your lesson, check out the “Lesson Editor Overview” article.