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How to Preview an Assignment in the Assignment Calendar: 

After you have made an assignment in the Assignment Calendar, you can preview that lesson or assessment from the Calendar.

  1. To get to your assignment, click the Calendar icon in the left navigation panel:
  2. Locate the class that has the assignment and click the > next to the class name to open to see all the assignments.  You can navigate to previous and upcoming weeks by using the navigation at the top right.

    In this image, we are going to preview an assignment in Class 1- ELA
  3. Locate the assignment in the calendar that you wish to preview and click on the assignment card to open the options.
  4. Select “Preview Lesson” or “Preview Assessment”.  The lesson or assessment will open in Preview Mode and you will be able to navigate through the lesson or assessment.  For more about previewing a lesson see (How to Preview a Lesson).