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Pulling Things from the Stream

If you haven’t already set up your stream, check out how to set it up here. If you have, you’re ready to go fishing!

1. Click the “Stream” icon on the left navigation.

2. Select either “The Stream” to see content from everyone in your district or select any of the saved searches to see content that you have filtered.

3. When you find something you might like, click on the card to preview it.

4. If you decide you want to copy the resource into your Ogment account, click “Clip This”.

5. Rename, tag, and add grades and subjects to the resource.

6. Click the “Copy” button.

7. Go back to “My Stuff”, and you’ll find the resource you just clipped from the stream.

And that's how you clip from the Stream! This approach works with any view of the stream including all saved searches.