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December 2018

We are excited to release our latest and greatest to you! Our teams have been working hard to enhance our existing feature set and fix bugs in 2018.

Our updates roll out on a rotating schedule so expect the next one in January of 2019.

New Features

  • Teacher Course Manager

    • Teachers can now add courses to one or several classes directly from the Course Manager. Easily access the lessons and assessments for a specific class and create assignments. To access this feature, click on the new "Add to Class" button on the top right of your screen. This feature feeds information to the student course manager released last month.

Feature Enhancements

We heard you! From feedback we received from you to general updates and enhancements we couldn’t quite fit into the previous release, the 12.2018 version is filled with improvements.

  • Assignments, Gradebook, and Lesson Presentation

    • Enhanced version and user security to ensure appropriate and timely access to materials and grades.

  • Curriculum Maps

    • Three additional colors were added to the color picker. New colors are Gray, Orange, and Light Blue

    • Several drag and drop enhancements were added including:

      • Six-dot icon added to resource scroll-over menu

      • Ability to reorder attachments under one element

    • Ability to drag a resource and attach it to new element

  • Professional Learning Communities

    • PLC leaders are now able to edit a lesson from within the PLC manager

Bug Fixes

Sometimes code doesn't function quite as expected. Below are a few of the bugs we've uncovered and addressed for this release.

  • Assignments & Gradebook

    • Fixed bug where moving an assignment to current date from previous date opened the assignment but did not allow student to answer questions

    • Fixed bug where changing max score for assignment was not changing grade percentage

    • Fixed bug where editing an assignment in assignment manager changed the original assignment and not the assignment

    • Fixed bug where grade percentage and score were inconsistent when custom point changes were applied

  • Class Manager

    • Course count in Class Manager has been fixed to show an accurate count of courses per page

    • It is now possible to open links and selectable items in the Roster tab

  • Course Builder

    • Course Builder - users can now duplicate lessons in a unit

    • Shared courses allow users to assign lessons from preview

    • Versioning - Course copied from stream does not copy Lesson Plans upon edit but rather edits the original

  • Curriculum Maps

    • Counters and Pills in curriculum maps have been fixed to ensure correct counts and consistent names

    • It is now possible to drag and drop Resource to an element without existing resources

    • Newly added Resources reflect on the screen without requiring a screen refresh

    • Title Description field now allows the pasting of  text

  • Lesson Builder

    • Alignments tab curriculum alignments popup no longer displays

    • Space can be used for a lesson title

    • Student Preview shows as locked and cannot preview all of the assignment

    • Modified Lesson Plan Collaboration screens to correct overlapping text and view/delete options

    • Added alignments to the Student view of the “In this lesson you will cover” slide

    • Parents and Guardians are now able to review the entire contents of a student’s lesson in read-only mode

  • PLC

    • Fixed bug where members cannot review assignments

    • PLC - All assignments - members cannot have no click action when clicking any assignment

  • Reports

    • Reporting - Data still shows for aligned Lessons that have been removed from Course after assignments have been completed

  • Rubrics

    • It is now possible to use the same name for a lesson and the corresponding  rubric

    • Individual rubrics must have unique names

    • Student review screens enhanced to only show the option to “View Rubric” when a rubric is attached and hide the option when no rubric is present

    • Bug fixed to the “Exit Rubric” button to avoid issues in closing this view

  • MISC bugs and issues for SP10

    • Shopping Cart filter reset now completely clears selections

    • Resource information screens enhanced to show URLs in a better visual format

    • Lesson, Assessment and Lesson Plans now require names and can not be saved with a blank name

    • The Gradebook Grid is now showing for all assignments

    • Graphic Organizers for Cause & Effect and Sequence now show correct text for: Edit, Preview, Align, Exemplar Comments, Directions Line and the GO

    • Issue with saving the following Graphic Organizers has been resolved. Analogies, Bubble web, Categorize, Compare and Contrast, Define, Venn

    • In the Class Roster, the listing of  the "generic" individual student label now shows the name of the student who received the assignment

    • Issues with saving responses have been resolved for X with Questions and multiple choice question types

... And many more resolved inconsistencies and improvements to product performance.

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