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How, when and why to tag resources

Tagging—it’s one of those things that you might not want to take the time to do. But the reality is that tagging will actually SAVE you time in the long run. It makes organizing and searching faster and easier. So let’s get started!

Tagging is available everywhere in Ogment. If you clip anything from the web—articles, videos, images, you can tag them.

  1. When you create a lesson or assessment, you can tag them.
  2. If you upload your own files into Ogment, you can tag them.
  3. If you make your own resource, you can tag them.
  4. If you grab resources from the stream, you can tag them. 
  5. You can tag your lessons when you create them (or at any time).
  6. To do all of this by going into the lesson or resources' Edit screen.
  7. Navigate to a resource card and click the kebab menu then select "Edit".

5. When the editor loads, click on the "Settings" button in the top right. 

6. Scroll down the left side to the tag field. 

7. Begin typing in the tags field. Ogment will offer suggestions. You can select a suggestion or type your own. Congratulations, you have created a new tag!

8. Once you’ve tagged something, you can then view your lessons, assessments and resources by tags by simply clicking the “tag” icon in My Stuff.

9.  You can see how many lessons, assessments and resources have a certain tag. You can also add a tag on this screen by clicking “Add tag”.

Congratulations, you've learned how, when, and why to manage your tags!