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Working with Units

Working with Units in your Curriculum Maps is easy. You can add any of the Curriculum Elements to the Units (or Months, Weeks, etc.)  and at multiple levels within the Units.

  1. To add Sections, Resources, and Curriculum Elements to a particular Unit, click on the small blue arrow to the left of the Unit pill. This will open the Unit to allow you to drag items underneath the Unit level to the box that says “(Drop here)”.

  1. To Edit the title or description, Add/Edit a Note, or to Delete a Unit, click on the edit.png icon to the right of the Unit and choose from the pop up.

  2. Any pill that has dots to the left of it can be dragged into the Curriculum Map. (Please note: Units cannot be dragged into Sections and Sections must be dragged into a specific Unit or into an Element under a Unit.)  If the pill does not have the dots, then you will click on the pill to work with that specific Element.

  1. Drag an item into the Curriculum Map and onto the “(Drop here)” box. When the box turns blue, you can release the mouse, and the item will appear underneath the Unit.

  1. Once a Unit is open, any Section, Resource, or Curriculum Element can be added to that Unit.

  2. To choose a different Unit, click on the blue arrow circle to the left of the Unit pill and that Unit will open.  Please note: only one Unit can be open at a time.

  3. Units can be moved and reordered within the Curriculum Map. Simply click the Unit pill and drag it to the area you want to move the Unit to. The “(Drop here)” box will appear and turn blue, and then you can release the mouse button to drop it.  

  4. You can add more units easily by clicking on the Unit pill in the left side bar and dragging it to the desired location in your unit list. If you place a new unit anywhere in your Curriculum Map, the units will automatically renumber.